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Looking to build community and share life with others like you? We strongly encourage you to get involved in a small group community and will help you to achieve that goal while strengthening your spiritual relationship with Christ. Life is better connected!

The mission & vision of groups at Zion Church is to provide an environment where people can Engage in Community for the purpose of Christian discipleship. Engaging in Community means forming spiritual relationships and groups provide a safe space for this to happen. Christian community is vitally important in the life of a Jesus-follower, because that’s where sustained spiritual growth happens. Growing spiritually means we are growing closer to God, closer to others, and growing to become more like Christ.

Spiritual relationships can form in many types of environments; for example, while serving on a team or while traveling for a mission trip. However, small groups offer the best opportunity for these relationships to form because they focus on discipleship. Small groups are typically 6 -12 people meeting 2x a month for 90minutes - 2hours. Groups can meet in the leader's home, in a group member's home, in a public space, or online. Each group chooses their own study / study topic, and they rotate through different topics throughout the year. We encourage you to choose a group based on location, meeting day / time and life stage. We offer several types of groups and encourage you to try more than one until you find the right one for you.

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There are groups for men, women, young adults, older adults, singles, parents, entrepreneurs, creatives, educators, etc.

In Matthew 28:19, Jesus commands his followers (you and me) to "go and make disciples..." One method God provides for us to disciple others is through godly relationships. Group leaders provide an environment where these relationships can form. The first step toward becoming a leader is submitting a short application and talking with the Group Director on your campus. Click below to complete the application. Leadership training is provided, and each leader is assigned a coach.

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Denise - Upper Marlboro, MD

My small group has been such a blessing in my spiritual life. Being a part of a small group has given me the opportunity to connect with other women on a more personal level and experience practical fellowship. With authentic connections at a premium it is one of my safe places. Where your life becomes far more transparent, including your sin, today I pray more, stress less, and live more courageously as a disciple of God. Where else can you go have fun, fellowship, build friendships, receive unwavering support, grow your ministry, and grow spiritually! They are family to me. I hope the Holy Spirit inspires YOU to sign up for a Small Group, wherever you are on your faith journey. The Small Group is not looking for the bible toting, scripture quoting prophet they are looking for you to be you, allow God to do the rest…I’m living proof.

Stephen - Elkridge, MD

I really enjoy my Small Group. It's provided a level of transparency that's uncovered issues and challenges we as Black Men struggle within our Christian journey. More importantly, Its a "safe place" where those challenges can be discussed and addressed with Biblical principles. I won't go into any details because we consider those issues private. I would say that its something we all look forward to...being there for each other.