Counseling Services

 Zion Church is honored to partner with faith based clinical mental health professionals to offer services to our congregation in our church offices. Attenders and Members are welcomed to take advantage of the services provided by our clinical partners at one of our four Zion Church offices.

As an attender of Zion Church please feel free to take advantage of the opportunity to meet with a clinical mental health professional in the comfort of one of our Zion Church offices. These services are available to cover a wide variety of clinical needs and many of the providers accept major health insurance. These partnerships are established for your convenience and each provider manages their own terms, conditions, liabilities, and fees; ZIon Church simply provides a convenient space for sessions.

Please contact our clinical partner's directly to schedule a session in one of our Zion Church offices.

Zion Church Fort Washington Administrative Office
(9901 Allentown Road Fort Washington, MD 20744)

Paul Bashea Williams, LCSW-C LICSW
Hearts In Mind Counseling

Counseling Resources

Are you looking for a faith based counseling resource? If so, please checkout our counseling resource list. This list includes a wide variety of faith based services that may meet your counseling and therapy needs.

Counseling Resource List



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