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  Join us! We meet every 2nd and 4th Sunday from 11:00 am to 1:45 pm at the Zion Fort Washington Administrative Offices, located at 6710 Oxon Hill Rd, Oxon Hill Maryland 20745.


Chandrika - Prince George’s County, MD (Volunteer)

I am a Zion Fort Washington Remnant Connect Group leader and a member of the Zion Youth Missions Leadership Team. I have been volunteering with Remnant for 2 years. Working with the Youth has always been my calling. I am so glad to be able to utilize my calling not only as a teacher but to help guide God’s children through ministry. I love Remnant because I get to use creativity, technology, and God’s word to impact the next generation. Working with such a fun and energetic team of God’s people has also impacted my personal walk. I’ve grown spiritually and the effects of that have enriched all areas of my life. I strive daily to make sure my life is a positive reflection of God’s grace so that his children will have just one more example of how great he truly is.

Chandra - Accokeek, MD (Parent)

My husband and I joined Zion Fort Washington (FW) as a newly married blended family. We previously visited other churches seeking a ministry meeting our unique individual and family needs. A SAFE, biblically sound, innovative youth ministry was imperative! When we visited Zion FW, my husband and I were pleased. However, we had to ensure our children were properly served as well. After the first Remnant FW experience, they were HOOKED! They said the service was relatable, relaxed, and “not boring.” I appreciated the organization of the ministry, which made me feel safe. The newsletter, registration process, timely updates and coordination amongst ministry members was quality. Youth ministry leaders too welcomed my questions and vetting of the ministry! Most impressive was the commitment to my children, while my husband and I were still determining if Zion FW was actually the church for us. Since joining, my children have faithfully AND eagerly participated in Remnant. Honestly, they are upset when they have to attend service with me rather than Remnant. They have established new relationships and I have had an opportunity to help support the ministry. I appreciate the holistic nature of the ministry -- mind, body, and soul. My children are aging and it’s not enough for them to know God as “Mom’s God!” I’m learning to allow them to develop their individual relationships with God. Thankfully, Remnant FW has begun equipping them with the needed spiritual and practical tools that enable such independence from me and dependence upon God.

Caleb - Fort Washington, MD (Student)

I attend Remnant Fort Washington and it helps me on various levels. It reminds me that even though I’m a teenager, God still loves me even though I can do dumb things and sin at times, yet He still wants to use me. The leadership team is one of the greatest groups of people you will ever meet. They are super dope and professional. It all starts with Minister Drae.

He’s very professional, caring, patient, outgoing, and relatable. He’s also very fashionable and funny; similar to me. The staff members share the same characteristics as well. What I like about Remnant is knowing I’m never going to have a bad time there because it’s fun overall and very enjoyable when Minister Drae preaches. It helps me by knowing God loves us no matter what and people outside my family care about me. The friendships I have at remnant are cool. Many times I’m called the cool guy there because that’s just my personality at times and they embrace my silliness. My relationships with the Remnant leaders are great as well. They are very understanding people and I can relate to them as well.