WOMEN_Reflection Icons_Aja G.

Time | Monday, 7:30pm - 12:00am

Leader | Aja Gant, each1mend1@gmail.com, (202) 400-1253

MEETING TIME: 7:30 PM - 9 PM MEETING DAY: 1st and 3rd Monday LEADER: Aja G MEETING LOCATION: Virtual DESCRIPTION: "The reflection we see is one that is sometimes broken. Once we allow God to assist us in healing our inner issues, we can work with others by mirroring God's love and compassion for us to one another." The vision of this group is to assist women of all ages in reshaping and transforming their lives with God's love, a solidified faith in God, and hope that He will give us the truest desires of our hearts if we are obedient to His word. This group will allow members to examine their current internal state and begin to unearth and discover the negative, subjective, and unforgiving parts of themselves. Once these aspects are discovered, the group will work to resolve, and sometimes eliminate, those respective aspects of self.

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