Global Missions

Edwin - Bowie, MD

I was humbled and blessed to experience my first trip as a missionary to Cap-Haitien, Haiti in April 2017. It was an opportunity to serve the people of Haiti who I have a personal connection to, as both of my parents were born there. Moreover, because Haiti has experienced its share of natural disasters over the past decade from the earthquake of 2010 to Hurricane Matthew of 2017, the Lord placed it on my heart to serve its people in any capacity I could. Ultimately, it was a life-changing trip for me personally in the sense that this was the first time I visited Haiti without family, and this was my first mission trip, so all my emotions were running extremely high. But I loved serving the people of Cap-Haitien and I enjoyed the fellowship I experienced with my fellow missionaries. And in the end, I feel that God has purposed me with the ability to connect with people on an emotional and spiritual level and I think I was able to do that while in Haiti.

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